Sale of real estate is inextricably linked with negotiations with the authorities. Not only at the final stage of negotiations with the cadastral office, but also with other authorities such as the building office, city authority, tax office, electricity supplier (or its partners), natural gas supplier, water and sewerage system, geodesists, energy specialists, appraisers and others . This requires knowledge in dealing with authorities - know when and how to submit the right types of requests and documents (eg actual listing of land registry, cadastral maps, acquisition titles, expert opinions, documentation of building modifications, proof of energy performance of a building, knowledge of urban decrees - restrictions, forms and applications for energy suppliers, tax returns on the acquisition of immovable property, etc.), also to so-called "house tax", where a large number of applications are charged.

This often tedious, time-consuming, organizational and financially demanding work, which is often the cause of considerable stress in incomplete knowledge of the subject, can simply be left to experts from TRIGA reality.

Why become long queues in the offices and having all the terms and forms in mind?

Save your time, money for fees and your nerves.

We offer services in the field of real estate issues, namely:

  • Statement by the owner (pursuant to the provisions of Section 1166 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code)
  • Agreements of co-owners on the cancellation and settlement of the joint ownership of immovable property by establishing ownership of units (pursuant to 158 Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code)
  • Agreement of Owners of Units for the Transfer of Ownership of Units in Joint Ownership of Real Estate (pursuant to Section 1217 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code)
  • Construction Contracts and Amendments to the Owner's Declaration (pursuant to Act No. 98/2012 Coll., The Civil Code)
  • Agreement of owners of units on settlement of mutual rights (according to Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code)

Declaration by the owner of the building (Agreement on the cancellation and settlement of unit joint ownership with the definition of units in a building):

It is the elaboration of documents in the sense of Act. 89/2012 Coll. the Civil Code, as amended. It is a specific matter on the basis of which the unit owners of the building become owners of the units as a separate subject of law. Part of ownership of the unit is also a co-ownership share of the common parts of the building and the building site under the building.
The provided services include:

  • Measure all units and their
  • Measurement of units including components and
  • Definition of common
  • Possible settlement of co-ownership
  • Drawings of the floor plans of all floors including the
  • Processing proposal for deposit in the real estate cadastre

We offer you an efficient service, fast and profitable sale of your property:
REALITY DESIGN - Based on the concept of HOME STAGING

  • Potential buyers can get an impression within 30-60 seconds after entering the property
  • Only 10% of buyers can imagine the potential space that is hidden for inappropriate presentations

Client - potential buyer is more demanding and MORE receptive, he becomes more aware of what he spends his money on. That's why it's time to offer more than just a tour of the real estate.

From the above it is clear how important is the preparation of real estate for sale or lease. Professional real estate presentation on the real estate market increases the possibility of faster and more expensive sale or lease. The aim is to increase the attractiveness of real estate for the widest range of potential clients.

Harmonization of color schemes, arrangement of furniture and color assembled accessories, lighting settings. Removing all the negative elements that made it difficult for potential prospects to live there.

In general, Modified and furnished flats or houses are sold faster than empty - the impression of heat home:

  • Modified properties look preserved, maintained and in good care.
  • Adjusted real estate is overtaken by others.
  • Adjusted real estate attracts a wider range of potential buyers.
  • Adjusted real estate looks much better in photos, the press and the media.

REALITY DESIGN brings potential buyers:

- the possibility to see an apartment or a house as it is, without disturbing impressions.
- to awaken curiosity, to create emotions, to allow him to "fall in love" at first glance
- to perceive the property more attractive and better and for a better - more expensive selling price
- the depiction of the apartment is very important, so when you look at the photo and when you visit   the interior, people interested in fantasy turn into full turns and better imagine themselves
- the client's subconscious automatically works for him, and the unwanted elements he perceives may have a negatively effect on his decision to buy a property

A good presentation is the key to success, it is the one that must be interested enough at first glance.

What can we offer you in REALITY DESIGN?

Facilities equipped with:

  • Arrangement of furniture and decorations into a meaningful, ergonomic layout
  • Matching color motives, within existing elements and equipment
  • Remove inappropriate features and equipment from the camera viewfinder
  • Cleaning of floor coverings, misplaced things
  • Quality photos that will be presented on our advertising servers

Unoccupied premises - empty:

  • Location, the least basic elements of the household (chairs, tables) simpler pieces of furniture, decorative elements
  • Quality photos that will be presented on our advertising servers

Home Staging

Originated as a stand-alone service in the United States of America, in the mid-1970s and gradually spread to Europe and other parts of the world. In the Czech Republic it is still relatively new, but it can be assumed that after successful certification abroad it will successfully operate on the Czech real estate market.

TRIGA reality will prepare all types of contracts for the transfer of immovable property:

  • a contract of purchase, a gift and a contract of exchange
  • a contract for future purchase, future gift, future exchange
  • a contract for the establishment of the service, of the right of use (easement), eg. use, co-habitation, right to water, service of the trail, path and way, etc.
  • a contract for the establishment of pre-emption rights
  • additional agreement in the purchase contract, eg.: reservation of the right of ownership, repayment reservation, resale reservation, reservation of a better buyer, reservation of pre-emption right or purchase for the test.
  • processing of energy performance certificate of the building, so-called PENB
  • processing an expert opinion or market valuation
  • elaboration all types of deposit proposals, such as lien or property rights

Don´t You wanna waste time? Do You want the best?

A wide range of banking institutions, offering tailor-made loans. Guarantee of refund of the reservation fee, if the loan is not provided.

Quickly, comfortably and with guarantee, TRIGA reality will arrange:

  • reliable contract, financial adviser with a personal and flexible approach
  • the consultant will provide a choice from a wide range of loans and mortgages from various banking institutions
  • possibility to finance the purchase of the cooperative share (flat)
  • all necessary documents for mortgage settlement (property sheet, cadastral map, acquisition titles)
  • attending a meeting with an appraiser designated by the bank (to determine the real estate estimate)
  • quantifying the current debt on the property sold
  • disbursement of unfavorable loans and enforcement (consolidation)
  • refinancing of the existing mortgage loan, consolidation of current liabilities safekeeping of finances

TRIGA reality will help You determine the optimal price that matches the current situation on the real estate market.

TRIGA reality will produce a market award for the following purposes:

  • determination of market prices before the sale of real estate
  • inheritance proceedings and estate
  • donating real estate
  • asset-law settlement (for divorce cases)
  • out-of-court settlement of assets (for family settlements)
  • auctions and executions

TRIGA reality will provide all electricity, gas and water transfers for You. You do not have to visit a few dozen kilometers away from the customer center, thus losing valuable time and shipping costs!

TRIGA reality will advise you and ensure:

  • transcription to an existing or newly selected supplier
  • consult with a new supplier selection, track you at favorable prices and optimize
  • necessary revisions to individual devices
  • required (current) forms, power of attorney, delivery protocols, copies of contracts required by the contractor

Tax on the acquisition of immovable property, pursuant to the Act on the Tax on Acquisition of Real Estate, as amended by Act No. 254/2016 Coll., Amending the Statutory Measures of the Senate No. 340/2013 Coll. with effect from 1.11.2016, is paid by the acquirer, so the taxpayer is the buyer party.

TRIGA reality will complete and provide:

  • forms, including all statutory annexes, will calculate the tax on the acquisition of property
  • file a tax return with the relevant tax office
  • if necessary, provide expert advice to the tax office
  • will provide forms for real estate tax (so-called "house tax"), filing must be made by the client
  • advise on both gift and income tax

Triga Real Estate, in co-operation with AD Transport Express, has provided its clients with a convenient offer of moving services. Our clients will thus receive high-quality moving services under very favorable financial conditions. AD Transport Express specializes in domestic and international transport and offers our clients migration under the following conditions:

  • moving around the weekend
  • You have the possibility to ensure Your own moving force, so you do not pay for moving jobs
  • price: 14, - CZK / Km (depends on distance, the price for Km decreases at longer distances)
  • price: 18, -Kč / Km (with trailer)
  • moving work: price 500, - CZK / hour (1 worker) 900, - CZK / hour (2 employees)
  • in the context of the readiness of the moving cargo, a rate of 200 CZK / hour is charged for the deployment of the vehicle during loading and unloading, excluding the transport time Iveco and Avia

For more information and order please contact AD Transport České Meziříčí, Zdeněk Baldrych, tel .: 605 723 907 and contact the special offer of Triga reality

What does an exclusive mediation contract mean?

A contract for the provision of real estate services is a contractual relationship entered into between a person who has an interest in arranging the sale or lease of a real estate (designated as the client) and an estate agency (referred to as a broker) who undertakes to develop an activity aimed at securing the third party with which the customer enters into the relevant contract (purchase or rent).

Exclusivity is the obligation of the client to sell or rent exclusively through a realtor - broker. In all developed countries, it is quite common to sell, buy or rent a real estate only through a real estate agency, based on exclusive mediation contract.

Many people are afraid to sign a contract with a single office because they are not convinced that they have chosen the right one, and therefore offer their offer to several intermediaries at once without a commitment to exclusivity. This will cause a situation where, for example, one house appears in more real estate deals, and worse, at different prices. Such an offer will become untrustworthy for a large circle of buyers, as they are not sure whether, in the case of lodging a deposit in one of the real estate offices offering the same house, the owner (the client) will actually enter into the purchase agreement for the price offered. In addition, no intermediary will give up an offer without exclusivity of such a great effort, let alone investing in financially expensive advertising without guarantee, return on investment in the form of a realized trade.

How do you know the right realtor?

Above all, there is a need for an intermediary who has taken your interest for some reason (the best is recommendation from friends or former clients), to visit and to find out in which premises he operates and at what level he is dealing with you. It is important to be interested in how your property will be presented (ie range and frequency of the advertisement), the services offered by the broker within the negotiated commission (usually 4-5% of the purchase price), and this is then embedded in the intermediary contract. Take a look at whether your real estate agency is interconnected and working with knowledgeable lawyers. Our office provides its clients with a comprehensive service related to the sale, purchase or rental of real estate, and advertising service - offer we make every effort, including investments in proven but expensive advertising. Thanks to an extensive database of people interested in buying or renting properties, we also make more and more deals before the internet offers, etc.


Own property you can try to sell by yourself without a real estate, and save a commission. Advertise yourself is easier today than ever before. You can get the whole process of selling yourself what you do not know or do not know manage, try to find out, or just try it out, but be careful, but it has its own pitfalls. Selling a real estate is difficult and dangerous, despite the ease of advertising on the internet. Nowadays it is true that selling a good property is difficult and lengthy because there are a lot of competitive real estate on the market that compete with you, and their advertisements are far superior to those in the past.
Real estate sales require a serious, expert approach with experience.

Consider, for example, that you only set the price badly (too low - then you will find that you have actually experienced, not just the expert commission mentioned) or high - how can you then reduce it? It may end up that in the eyes of the interested party will your property extremely damaged, nobody is will ask You about the reducing price and even at a reasonable price

And it may end up worse, a ready buyer, who has not been granted a multiple mortgage or hiding many other skeletons, can easily "pull on your nose". This is why you are wasting valuable time and because you have agreed - after two months of waiting, when the bank will say: we will borrow, but much less, you will pay less, just to keep this business behind! Finally, you have to pay lawyers, escrows, stamps, checks (everything you already have in the commission) and you will find that for a commission you would give to the intermediary you would have everything secured at the highest possible price, without risk, nerves and sometimes " injury to health ".

We know from our practice that it can end up like this: WITHOUT REALITY, WITHOUT MONEY, WITHOUT HOME.


  • Reward for a tip
    Tell your friend who wants to sell your property, TRIGA reality, and you'll get 3000, - CZK.
    Both you and the seller. VALUE OF REMUNERATION 6.000,-CZK,  will be paid in cash after the realization of the sale.
  • Expert opinion
    Close an exclusive brokerage agreement with TRIGA reality and, if necessary, you will get an expert opinion for FREE.
    Demonstration of energy performance of the building
    Conclude an exclusive brokerage agreement with TRIGA reality and, if necessary or in need, you will receive a FREE Energy Performance Card (PENB – Czech shortcut).
  • Gift of your choice
    Close an exclusive brokerage agreement with TRIGA reality and get a gift of your choice FREE.

The client can choose the most effective way to monetize the real thing for him and decide what to choose. Here are some options for selling / moving real estate.


One of the most effective ways of selling, the transfer of immovable property is a public auction where a significant increase from the original bid price can often be achieved.
TRIGA reality, based on many years of experience in mediating the sale of immovable property, obtained the Concession List for the performance of public auctions pursuant to Section 53 of Act No. 455/1991 Coll., On Trades Licensing.

Reasons to choose the form of auction:

  • Higher yields - as stated earlier, auctioning generally achieves a higher yield, at least 10% higher than for standard sales. This is a direct confrontation of bidders, where the auctioneer must quickly decide on a possible increase in the purchase price.
  • Payment guarantee - a compound auction guarantee usually up to 30% of the opening price, ensures that all costs will be settled in case of an auction.
  • Transparency - With regard to the statutory obligation to publish an auction at the central address, each auction becomes a public thing that can not be manipulated.
  • Speed of realization - Your own auction technique excludes bargaining for the price and extension of the deal. In case of a voluntary auction, it is possible to realize it within 6 weeks of the auction.
  • Payment terms - are clearly laid down by law. The auctioneer is obliged to pay the price achieved by auctioning up to 3 months from the end of the auction on a voluntary basis.
  • Cost savings and time client - all negotiations with potential buyers including inspections are transferred to our company
  • Bankruptcy proceedings - in the case of bankruptcy proceedings, a public auction is the only way to monetize property owned by third parties, they are recommended to bankruptcy trustees as a fanciful, rapid and totally transparent form of monetization of bankruptcy assets that favor courts and experienced creditors' committees through legal certainty, which it offers.

The detailed conditions for the auctioning are regulated in the auction notice, the auction procedure, in Act No. 26/2000 Coll., on public auctions.


This monetization option allows participants to compete with their bids. This procedure is used when the client requires the price of the asset to be sold to be optimized by participants' competitions, but it is not appropriate to execute a public auction (for example, by reserving the right to cancel the competition or to allow ownership of the real estate to its employees, etc.)

We provide the sale of real estate in the form of:

  • selection procedure by envelope method
  • tender in the form of an auction