A brief tenth when selling a property


Selling a good property is not easy at all. If you are about to sell a house or flat, you can find a useful overview of the ten necessary steps you should take.


1. Preparing a property for sale 

Many of buyers give their first impression and if they see a neglected property, be prepared to either turn straight and go away, or they insist on a discount from the sale price. "You can achieve quite another first impression when you clean up the property, remove needless and unnecessary things," recommended Ondřej Mašín from Reality IQ.

2. Quality photos 

Whether you are selling a property by yourself or a real estate agency, let it be a good shot. The more tidy the apartment and fewer things on the shelves, the better the interior will look like in the pictures. You can also use the services of a professional photographer.

You should also deperonalize the apartment, only then begin to consider the flat on the photo as your own future home and fill it with your dreams and imaginations.

3. Selecting the right real estate broker 

You will never make such a promotion of sales as a renowned real estate agency. According to the references, choose a broker who will really care for you. You can also give him the property exclusive, because the buyer does not act too trustworthy when he sees one apartment or house in the offer of more realities.

4. Open access and willingness to provide true information

Your counterpart fair approach will definitely appreciate. "Keep the data and contacts that are of interest to the buyer. Costs accounting for energy, for older homes, for example, chimney sweep or water heating sources, "advised Mašín. 

5. Correct estimate of market price 

How to set the right price can be inspired, for example, in advertisements on the Internet or in print. 

6. Negotiation of the price 

At the moment you are sitting with a bidder for your property, there is a number of negotiating about the final price. Prepare that the buyer will probably be pushing you to get some money off. If you feel uncertain from your attitude, it is quite likely that the discounts will probably reach. 

7. When do you get the money? 

Many people buy real estate while selling their own. Such businesses sometimes recall the "ball-lightning" action.

"Make sure that the bidder has the funds to pay for the purchase price of the property or is sufficiently competent and will get a mortgage without undue delay. Otherwise, you can prepare for a few weeks or months without waiting, "Mašín said. 

8. Purchase pricing 

Until you have money, it is not possible for the buyer to become the owner of the property. The buyer may not agree. It is best to save money so-called safekeeping. You can use a bank, lawyer or notary.

9. Check the boundaries of the plot 

Especially, for older properties, make sure that the borders agree with the drawing in the cadastral map. State the bidder that all the buildings have been properly validated and registered in the cadastre. If older buildings are not registered, buyers may have a problem getting a mortgage. 

10. Energy performance certificate

If you are selling a house, it is your responsibility to get the so-called Building Energy Performance Certificate (PENB – Czech shortcut). You must have it at the actual sale of the property, otherwise the fine will be up to 100 thousand CZK. At the apartment, you can replace it by billing for the last three consecutive years.